2011 (unofficial)

2016 (official)


Young cohort of Arab and Jewish friends



  1. Create and facilitate non-political encounters between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem through cultural platforms and activities.

  2. Improve the quality of life in East Jerusalem by evangelizing municipal stakeholders.  

Our two goals are complementary in promoting a broader strategy for significant social and material change in Jerusalem. The two-pronged approach is needed, as either goal on its own will inherently fall short. The cultural events we organize act as a foot in the door to the hearts and minds of a broad base of stakeholders and influencers; what starts as a positive, non-threatening, encounter over a game or a cultural activity, can drive significant change in areas of municipal policy and access to resources and services.


Thanks to our wonderful intern Sam Strickberger who built this website, Eric Brewster and Dror Amedi for the video copy, Ofir Dery who shot/edited the video, David Djemal for narrating the video, and our actors: Yonatan Goldsmith, Sam Araj, and the Jabarin Family. And to the Kulna founders who dreamt up this project: Dror Amedi, Mahmoud Shehadeh, Zaki Djemal, Hiday "The Wall" Goldsmith,  Kamel Jabarin, Mahmoud Al Rifai, Matan Hayat Drori Yehoshua, Bini Meir and Noa Tal-El



“‘We understand it’s a risk, and that’s the inspiration....It’s all about showing people, even Jerusalemites, what they have not yet seen.’”

“[The Jerusalem Double event was] almost certainly the most remarkable exercise in bringing people together from wildly different worlds ever to be held in the shadow of Jerusalem’s Old City walls…involving dice.”

"Game Changer: How Backgammon Will Bring Peace to the Middle East"

Co-founder Zaki Djermal gives a TedxTalk at White City about the power of games to instill empathy in complete strangers.

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